Monday, February 12, 2007

The Insiders

Friends who shop together, stay together. I caught these four young women catching a bite to eat in Cosi and was very impressed that I loved all four outfits. It seems common that sometimes you may see a group of friends where one or two outfits are agreeable, but when all four possess sartorial taste it is definitely eye-candy for any onlooker.

Kelsey, 16 and Christine, 17 mastered the art of layering, by proving you can were short shorts and mini frocks in the winter. The mix of these delicate pieces with opaque leggings and mid-calf boots keep the girls warm and balance out the brighter colors they are wearing on top.

Best things about Philadelphia:
“The general mood” Natalie

Favorite Shops:
South Street
Vintage stores
Urban Outfitters

Fashion Icons/Inspiration:
Kate Moss
Teen Vogue
“I like looking at different decades and seeing what they wore.” Kelsey
“Definitely, my Grandma.” Christine

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