Monday, April 23, 2007

club TECH.

Who: Kate Leshko
Age: 20
Major: Journalism
Caught in Action: Tech Center
What is the best thing about Philly: thrift stores, H&M, small boutiques
Style Inspiration: “Sienna Miller, I kind’ve have a girl crush on her.”

Friday, April 20, 2007

boots...hat & stripes

Who: Verlyncia Tyson

Age: 18
Major: Sport and Recreation Management

Caught in Action: Liacouris Walk

Where do you shop in Philly? Thrift Stores, Buffalo Exchange, H&M
Style Inspiration: Mary-Kate Olsen, Johnny Depp, Nicole Ricci

Best piece in your closet right now: Black Spandex & my White V-Neck

Sunday, April 15, 2007

SBs. hot off the streets.

Who: Chris Lee
Age: 20
Major: Poli Sci/GUS
Caught in Action: 2nd & Market in Old City
The best thing to me about Philly: Free Sundays at the Art museum
Why: It's super relaxed.
Where I shop In Philly: H+M and Ubiq
What were you wearing that night: Army surplus Peacoat, Levi's 501's, Nike Dunk SB's
Best piece in your closet right now: Dunk SB's

Friday, April 6, 2007

pretty prints...

Who: Syretta Lockett (Former Temple Student)

Age: 20

Major: Fashion Advertising at FIT, NY

Caught in Action: Urban Outfitters on Walnut St.

What is the best thing about Philly: Little thrift shops
Why? It offers a lot of variety to shop.
Favorite Designers: Balengcia, Heatherette, Marc Jacobs
Style Inspiration: “Anything I feel like wearing when I wake up is usually what I go with.”

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

its been a long time...

A few weeks ago I focused mainly on “Temple Dudes” that were stylin’ on campus, but this week I ventured out and caught some of these cuties on the sidewalks of Philadelphia. Check ‘em out!

Check out those details... this photo doesn't do it justice...but I just had to post it.

Who: Alexandra Mermet
Age: 21

Major: Marketing
Caught in Action: Temple Center City Campus

Best thing about Philly: Old City
Why: “It reminds me of France, where I’m from.”
Favorite Places to Shop: Urban Outfitters
Best piece in your closet right now: ChloƩ White dress

Saturday, March 17, 2007

converse + metallic tape = really interesting kicks...

Meet: Masahiro Takai
Caught in Action:
Anderson Food Court
Style Inspiration? "
Mostly Nature, the universe and bright colors."
Best thing about Temple/Philly?
"Definetely the Tech Center, soft pretzels and Vintage shops."
What are you wearing today?
Black Denim Skinny Jeans, a scarf my friend gave me and Converse Sneaks.
Best Item you OWN, right NOW? An Arabic scarf

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Meet: Tom Caridi
Caught in Action: Inside Student Activity Center
Age: 21
Major: Accounting
Best thing about Philly? Its well-roundedness.
Why? It's home to some of the best hip-hopers, skateboarders, athletes, artists, business people..should i go on?
Where do you shop in Philly? WTHN, Nocturnal, American Apparel, Ebay
What are you wearing today? Nudie dry Selvage denim, Clientele NY t-shirt, Krew faux-leather jacket, Nike SB Blazers
Best item you OWN, right NOW: My Mario Dessuti suit from Paris