Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yes...We're back!

I am a bit behind schedule because Valentine’s Day of course was last, LAST Wednesday, but frowns and tears aside, a ‘couple’ themed edition is granted to all those a la mode lovebirds who define their style in the graces of each other. In a recent article of Harper’s Bazaar, “Does your Man go with that outfit?” author Jimmy Fallon questions the importance of males as “a handbag and shoes” to his female partner. Should couples dress in accordance or does it really matter? Whilst most people will answer this differently, I found two couples who complemented each other in personality and of course, in style.

Claire and Matt were honestly the cutest couple, who not only caused intimidation in my quest to find a ‘qualified’ pair, but caused me to follow them into the American Apparel store on Walnut before I even asked them for a photo. After seeming quietly flattered, they agreed to pose outside and answer some of my grueling questions. What I loved most about Claire’s outfit was not only her black jumper frock that screamed Audrey Hepburn, but her mix of black and brown that I’ve been so fond of this winter. For Matt, it’s all about the details. The spot of neon green on the inside of his jacket stood out not only because of the color, but because it strikes retro to the eye. I also liked the fur Russian Trooper hat that so many people have been wearing. Maybe a naysayer, I’ve seen some girls pull it off, but it seems like one of those things that should be limited to the guys-- they just wear it so well.

Best things about Philadelphia:
“The city itself.” –Claire Stapleton,21

Fashion Inspiration/Designers:
Kate Moss
On the street
"Official Tourist Clothing." - Matt Scullin, 23

Best item you OWN, Right NOW!
“My mom’s Tom Ford YSL bag (brown leather bag in photo).” -Claire Stapleton

I met this pair on my way to an antique shop off of South Street and was immediately intrigued with how well they were pulled together. Their style was very unique and defined by the 60s decade they pulled inspiration from. Jen’s jet black hair that dipped gently above her eyes spoke partly Betty-boop (trust me, this lady looked just like Betty) and Mary Quant of the 60s. Her carrot orange tights brought solidity to the mixture of the line patterns on her coat and dress. Not many guys can pull of Kyle’s hair cut or look, but then again not every guy is inspired by Paul Weller of The Jams, who was known as the "Modfather," which speaks for itself.

Favorite Places to Shop:
Thrift & Vintage Shops
Antique Malls

Fashion Inspiration/Designers:
I like 60s fashion but I don’t have any real icons…I do like BIBA.”- Jen Zimmerman, 24
I like 60’s fashion also and Paul Weller of The Jams. That’s probably about it”- Kyle Miller, 26

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Insiders

Friends who shop together, stay together. I caught these four young women catching a bite to eat in Cosi and was very impressed that I loved all four outfits. It seems common that sometimes you may see a group of friends where one or two outfits are agreeable, but when all four possess sartorial taste it is definitely eye-candy for any onlooker.

Kelsey, 16 and Christine, 17 mastered the art of layering, by proving you can were short shorts and mini frocks in the winter. The mix of these delicate pieces with opaque leggings and mid-calf boots keep the girls warm and balance out the brighter colors they are wearing on top.

Best things about Philadelphia:
“The general mood” Natalie

Favorite Shops:
South Street
Vintage stores
Urban Outfitters

Fashion Icons/Inspiration:
Kate Moss
Teen Vogue
“I like looking at different decades and seeing what they wore.” Kelsey
“Definitely, my Grandma.” Christine

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Center City, Gap

Seo Kwon, 24 Student

Best Things about Philadelphia:
"Shopping of course and the coffee shops"

Fashion Icons and Inspiration:
Kate Moss

Best item you OWN, right NOW:
"My black tights, they're so warm!"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


As always we invite you to tell your friends and family about our new blog. We hope to attract more veiwers and those willing to leave comments to spew discussion.

H&M- Chesnut St.

Everyone’s gone into hiding! At least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately since Philadelphia’s streets seem bare of its usual trendsetters who parade on its sidewalks. Blame it on frigid temperatures or plain laziness for all those who prey city cabs! This week I took it inside and found out the real spendthrifts lurk the clothing racks at H&M or eat trendy at Cosi (coming later this week).

I caught Lisa, 21 in the tiniest corner that H&M could offer and it seemed almost impossible to take a photo of her in between the racks and trying to hide from the nosy sales associates (Apparently, you’re not allowed to take photos in retail stores). I loved how Lisa incorporated white from head to toe to balance out the dark denim she was wearing. Furthermore, her auburn hair drew attention to her stylish 70’s haircut, which explains the inspiration Lisa probably receives as a student at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute.

What are you wearing?
“H&M jeans and the jacket and shirt are from a thrift store.”

Favorite SHOPS:
H & M
Thrift stores
Forever 21

Fashion Icons and Inspiration:
Fashion magazines