Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cosi & Scarfs

There’s nothing better then a pretty and warm scarf but when tied properly it helps to extend on the creativity that can be achieved. These two young ladies were caught in the coziest cafĂ©, Cosi and happen to be Temple students.

Best things about Philadelphia:
"They have a lot of shops and boutiques…selling unique pieces.” -Genevia, 18 (right)

Favorite Shops:
Urban Outfitters
H & M

Best piece in YOUR closet, right NOW:
“These new ankle boots I got from Nine West.” -Danielle, 18

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Center City- Walnut

There’s something classically Parisian about this bright yellow crop jacket paired with a navy blue pencil skirt and brown boots. It's reminiscent of the old cartoon show "Madeline" and is in perfect correlation to the instabilities of January’s temperatures. The mix of dark and bright is an early greeting to spring while remaining appropriate enough to wear for winter. Which is exactly why I knew Spring wasn’t too far when I spotted Leann across the street chatting on her cell phone.

Best things about Philadelphia:
"The little boutiques around Old City."

Favorite shops:
Echochic Chic
Third Street Habit

Best piece in YOUR closet, right NOW:
APC Trench Coat

These two women work perfectly well together as I caught them perusing down Walnut Street on their way to Urban Outfitters. I love the 80’s and not only did Nikki, 21 (right) remind me of that, but her asymmetrical haircut did as well. The mix of her turquoise green leggings and violet suede boots added color to her pallet. While her friend, Jessica, 23 chose to lay low of the vibrant colors, a burst of her knit red beret lightened it all.

Favorite Shops:
"Independent run shops on South Street." -Nikki

Designers you LOVE:
Betsey Johnson, Versace, Dsquared, Mike and Chin

Best piece in YOUR closet, right NOW:

Alex and Chloe Jewelry
"Vintage boots I off of Ebay" -Jessica