Saturday, March 17, 2007

converse + metallic tape = really interesting kicks...

Meet: Masahiro Takai
Caught in Action:
Anderson Food Court
Style Inspiration? "
Mostly Nature, the universe and bright colors."
Best thing about Temple/Philly?
"Definetely the Tech Center, soft pretzels and Vintage shops."
What are you wearing today?
Black Denim Skinny Jeans, a scarf my friend gave me and Converse Sneaks.
Best Item you OWN, right NOW? An Arabic scarf

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Meet: Tom Caridi
Caught in Action: Inside Student Activity Center
Age: 21
Major: Accounting
Best thing about Philly? Its well-roundedness.
Why? It's home to some of the best hip-hopers, skateboarders, athletes, artists, business people..should i go on?
Where do you shop in Philly? WTHN, Nocturnal, American Apparel, Ebay
What are you wearing today? Nudie dry Selvage denim, Clientele NY t-shirt, Krew faux-leather jacket, Nike SB Blazers
Best item you OWN, right NOW: My Mario Dessuti suit from Paris

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can you find Andre Agassi?

yup, thats him on the hoodie

Meet: Kevin Storey
Caught in Action: Entering the Tech Center
Age: 19
African American Studies
Best Thing about Temple? "It gives me a chance to feel like a celebrity."
Where do you shop in Philly?
Polo Ralph Lauren, Pedestrian, WTHN
Style Inspiration? "I work in at an Antique store in New York City, they always dress upscale, so I try to incorporate that in what I wear."
Favorite Brands? ALife, Burberry, Prada, Evisu, True Religion Denim
What are you wearing today? Lemar & Dauley hoodie, True Religion denim, Jordans 11

Monday, March 12, 2007

Temple Dudes

Yes, we've been deprived and lacking some testosterone, so this week it's all for the dudes. Temple's campus is over-flowing with some of the best-dressed males I've seen in awhile. So while walking to class and being late of course, I caught up with a few. Check 'em out!

Meet: Justin Doerner
Caught in Action: The downstairs hallway of Tuttleman
Age: 21

Major: Human Resource Managment
Best thing about Philly? The live music scene
Why? There's a great variety of bands that come through Philly, from Jazz to Indie, to Punk.
There's also really good small venues to make the shows more intimate.

Where do you shop in Philly? I don't. It's King Of Prussia or New York City for me.
What are you wearing today? True Religion jeans, Lacoste polo, American Apparel hoodie, Lacoste down vest, Nike Dunk NL HI tops
Best item you OWN, Right NOW: Probably, my Nike Air Max 90 Huf Edition